John Wood Community College has realized that many of you have been facing challenges due to the coronavirus. Between personal adjustments in your lives and the shift of education going to a virtual environment, we have heard many of your challenges and concerns.

For the past few weeks, some college staff, administration and faculty have been revisiting our withdrawal and grading policies for the spring 2020 term. The options available for the Spring 2020 term as as follows: 

1. Receive your earned final letter grade

2. Withdraw by May 8th (this option is not available for all classes) 

3. Choose Pass/Fail option by May 28th (this option is not available for all classes)

All students will receive the letter grade earned unless they notify us of a withdrawal or a request to choose the Pass/Fail option. 

If you should have any questions concerning options, please consult with the Dean of Students Office at 217.641.4301.

More information on the withdrawal policy and the Pass/Fail option below:

Withdrawal Policy –

JWCC has extended the date that a student may initiate a withdrawal from a class until Friday, May 8*. If a student determines that they are unable to achieve a passing grade for a course, the student may request a withdrawal. The course will appear on the transcript as a withdrawal but will not impact semester or cumulative grade point average calculations. Students will need to repeat the course if seeking credit.

Considerations when using the withdrawal: financial aid calculations of satisfactory academic progress, scholarship requirements, admission processing if planning to transfer, student-athlete academic eligibility, and veteran’s benefits eligibility. Questions should be directed to the Dean of Students Office at 217.641.4301 or click the button to email.

Email the Dean of Students

*Those specialized programs that follow partner institution academic calendars will not be allowed to withdraw due to specific program considerations.

 Process to withdraw for students:

  • Prior to submitted request, a student should know their current grade being received in the class. If you feel your grade in CANVAS is not current, please reach out to your instructor for clarification;
  • Go to Blazernet/SOLAR and withdraw from your identified course by selecting Student and Registration for the Spring 2020 term. Please keep in mind if this is your only remaining course or you are only enrolled in one course, you will need to initiate the withdrawal through the JWCC Advising Office via email at

Pass/Fail Policy –

In select courses, JWCC is extending the option for an engaged student to choose a pass/fail instead of accepting a letter grade. We encourage students to consider their grading choices carefully, course by course, and to make an informed decision.  Our goal is to provide flexibility to you, recognizing that this is unprecedented situation created by the coronavirus pandemic and adjustment to remote learning. 

You must complete the request form linked below and receive counsel on your decision before we will finalize the pass/fail option. 

Click for the Pass/Fail Request Form

Click to Review Your Pass/Fail Options

Process for students:

  • Starting Monday, April 27, a student may request consideration for a pass/fail grading option for spring 2020 semester. Requests must be submitted prior to or on Friday, May 29. Submit your request here
  • Prior to submission, a student should know their current grade in the class. If you feel your grade in CANVAS is not correct, please reach out to your instructor for clarification.
  • The submitted request will be reviewed by Dean of Students and Academic Advising Offices. Some follow-up with the student may be required to clarify academic intentions. Final processing is through the Registrar’s Office.  Final grade change decisions will be communicated to you via your JWCC email address.
  • Once a final decision has been made in agreement with student, Advising, and Registrar the decision moving forward is irrevocable.
  • Students will be able to view their final grades submitted by instructor on the morning of Wednesday, May 20, 2020.